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Merger and dissolution of non-profit corporations

For business owners in Texas, mergers and acquisitions are common. Many people may be aware that the regulations and provisions regarding mergers are different for non-profit and for-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations generally refer to those organizations in which the income is not distributed to any of its members.

Five ways to merge small businesses in Texas

Small businesses mergers in Texas are becoming more common business practices. Typically a company seeks a merger to gain access to new markets and to strengthen existing market position. Five common types of company mergers exist: product extension merger, vertical merger, market extension merger and conglomerate merger.

Houston-based firm acquires oil tycoon Hamm's Hiland Partners

Most businesses in the country, including those in Texas, dream of growing, expanding and exploring new opportunities. Mergers and acquisitions are among the tools that can help them do this. Sometimes extraordinary events present opportunities that businesses would be foolish not to take advantage of. One such recent acquisition was perhaps made possible by one man's financial considerations after his divorce.

What is the procedure for applying for a merger in Texas?

Mergers refer to the merging of two corporations after which the two corporate entities exist as one. Texas, being home to many corporate giants, is no stranger to such mergers and acquisitions. Specific laws and statutes have been established in order to make sure that such business mergers are conducted in an appropriate manner.

Mergers and acquisitions require a good business lawyer

Texas has quite a few progressive business statutes which allow business owners immense flexibility when planning and structuring a business. Mergers and acquisitions are more often than not complex business transactions requiring experienced legal guidance. A merger or an acquisition can be structured in multiple ways, each having the same result but possibly affecting shareholders and creditors of the existing companies in different ways. A good business lawyer primarily will explain the pros and cons of each structure available.

Leading accounting firm to acquire Houston-based competitor

Business owners in Houston, Texas, would agree that acquisitions are an integral part of business expansion. The strategic acquisitions of competitors are a fairly common part of a corporate strategy and not only do they further business interests but can also result in the addition of key competencies. However, acquisitions often pose unique challenges to the new business entity because of the differing cultures, work practices and the nature of the business. Therefore, acquisitions require expert consultancy services that can guide both companies through the acquisition process.

What are the benefits of reverse mergers?

Reverse mergers, often called reverse takeovers, are conducted when private companies, including corporations with headquarters in foreign countries, gain access to U.S. capital markets by merging with a public company based in the U.S. In a reverse merger the private company is acquired by an American public shell corporation.

A brief overview of statutory merger procedures in Texas

One of the many ways a Texas-based business can expand is through the acquisition of smaller, but potentially valuable, businesses. Business mergers and acquisitions are among the options available to entrepreneurs who want to diversify their businesses and move into new market sectors without having to create necessary infrastructure from scratch.

Dallas-based company acquires five Houston-area golf courses

Many business owners in Houston, Texas, would agree that a merger or acquisition is a common way to expand a business. When a business merges with another business or acquires another company, that business is able to diversify its offerings and, as a result, it can enjoy exciting growth. However, mergers and acquisitions offer a unique set of challenges and, therefore, addressing the issues effectively becomes extremely important.

Soccer world cup fuels massive mergers

Texas was as much witness to the phenomenon of big business acquisition as the rest of the U.S. during the soccer World Cup this year. Announcements were made about two of the world's largest business acquisitions recently in the country. The proposed acquisitions involve four renowned U.S. telecommunications companies.

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