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Using ADR in a federal contract dispute-Part II

Houston companies that do business with the federal government occasionally get into contract disputes. The previous post on our blog site discussed what happens when a business owner chooses to resolve a federal contract dispute using alternate dispute resolution methods.

Using ADR in a federal contract dispute-Part I

In most contract disputes in Texas, a common avenue of resolution is for the aggrieved party to file a lawsuit, but this is avenue is generally unavailable initially when the dispute involves a federal government contract. Claims by government contractors regarding federal contracts must be submitted to a government Contracting Officer. If the company is dissatisfied with the Contracting Officer's decision, there is a right to appeal the case to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals or file suit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The CBCA encourages the use of alternate dispute resolution methods to resolve claims.

Texas company files lawsuit over two-year-old contract dispute

Business owners in Houston, Texas, are aware that mediation and arbitration are often the more effective ways to settle a contract dispute. However, certain contract disputes demand that the case be litigated because of the irreparable damage that the dispute caused the two parties involved. A recent lawsuit filed in a Texas court by a chemical manufacturing company against another chemical company from Michigan centers around a manufacturing dispute began in 2013.

Texas landlord-tenant agreements help evade contract disputes

Business owners in Houston, Texas, know that for a new or expanding business, leasing a commercial space is a most cost-intensive task because contract disputes between landlords and tenants can have detrimental effects on a business's prospects. Therefore, it is important for business owners to have a foolproof landlord-tenant agreement, so that future disputes arising from tenancy agreements can be avoided.

Resolving contract disputes through legal measures

Any dispute or litigation that may arise in a corporation, whether between two entities or between employers and employees, may form parts of a contract dispute. The attorneys at Manfred Sternberg & Associates, P.C., have decades of experience addressing such contract disputes and defending the rights of the parties in lawsuits.

Meeting of minds can help avoid contract disputes in Texas

As many Texans know, contracts are the ties between businesses and between individuals that govern most business and many civil relationships, allowing those involved to have some expectation that each party will fulfill whatever obligation it agrees to in a contract. Although oral agreements sometimes suffice, a written contract ensures that both parties have indisputable records of their own and the other party's obligations. Legal action in the event of a breach of contract is also much easier to pursue.

What are the different types of ADR methods?

Contract disputes refer to any and all disagreements that may arise in a company or partnership as a result of a breach in contract. In this situation, all parties have the right to go to court for resolution of the dispute. However, some methods of alternative dispute resolution are gaining popularity in Texas. Engaging in alternative dispute resolution is usually cheaper and less time-consuming than heading to court.

Don't let a landlord-tenant dispute harm your business in Houston

Many business owners in Houston operate from rented properties spread across the city. These business owners would likely agree that disputes with the landlord over rent, breach of the lease and other problems are not uncommon. Unfortunately, some of these disputes have the potential to severely affect the prospects of the business that operates out of the disputed property. Property owners are also affected during these disputes.

Texas oil company locks horns with Russian competitor

Contracts are the heart of some of the most important deals struck by Texas businesses, whether they be big or small. These legally binding documents are used to outline the terms, conditions, duties, responsibilities and rewards for the parties involved.

Understanding breach of contract and its possible remedies

In Texas and elsewhere throughout the United States, a contract is a legally binding document creating rights and obligations for parties of the contract. When a party fails to uphold his or her contractual duties, a breach of contract occurs, possibly giving rise to a contract dispute. A contractual breach can take place when a party fails to perform his or her obligations in a timely manner or does not perform according to the terms of the contract or even when there is an omission of performance of the contract.

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