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How do at-risk limits affect a closely held corporation?

The owners of closely held businesses in Texas often have a number of questions about taxes and how the federal tax code applies to them. For example, the tax code limits the ability of investors in many closely held corporations to claim a deduction for business losses.

How strategic thinking can help business people forecast growth

Most entrepreneurs have some vision of what they want to accomplish when they set up new businesses. To realize these visions, they must learn to think strategically and solve problems effectively. Both skills can help them see the way toward their long-term goals and manage the resources that will move their businesses forward.

Have you prepared a business exit plan for exigencies?

Business families of Houston, Harris, Texas often make plans for their businesses to expand and earn higher profits. They may have dreams such as going public, selling their businesses to the highest bidder, or preparing and training the next generation to take over the family business.

Privately held corporations: understanding the basics

The right to choose the type of incorporation process of privately held corporations is usually given to the corporation itself or its managers and board of directors. Texas law provides various forms of internal business models that may be incorporated in order to run the company on a daily basis.

Taxation rules applicable to payments made to family members

One of the biggest advantages of running a closely held family business is the ability to seek professional help from family members. Separate taxation rules are applicable for family employees in a family owned business, and it is necessary to be aware of these rules if you are running a closely held family business in Texas.

Baylor University, Texas, rewards closely held family businesses

Family businesses are often closely held corporations. This is because the shareholders and members of the corporations are usually members of the family that often spans generations. Family-owned businesses help generate great wealth and are important to the economy. Members of these corporations may be members of the family by birth or by marriage.

Developing a succession plan for a family-owned business

A large number of businesses in Texas are small or family-owned. The success of such a business can depend on the relationships among the owners or family solidarity. Small businesses established through partnerships or family ties can fail if they do not have a well-planned succession strategy in place.

New business marketing approach in Texas

That fact that the state of Texas is welcoming to more business is evident from the number of new businesses that are flourishing throughout the state. For any business organization, marketing can make a big difference. Good marketing strategies are essential for product promotion and earning the loyalty of customers. The end result of brilliant marketing is always a huge improvement in all-round performance.

Texas family-owned business acquired by Ram Tool

Otto Dukes Construction Supply, founded in 1962, is based in Texas and deals in all types of power tools. Its customer base includes many residential and industrial construction firms. Recently, the family-owned business was acquired by an Alabama-based company, Ram Tool and Supply Co. Original management of Otto Dukes will maintain its operations after the transaction is complete.

Closely held business from Texas may be sold for $1.1 billion

Residents of Texas may have read about the auction of Dave & Buster's Inc., an American restaurant and entertainment chain. The restaurant and entertainment business is based in Dallas, Texas, and operates in 68 locations across the United States and Canada.

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