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Protecting Texas consumers against deceptive trade practices

Anyone who pays attention to business in Texas is probably aware that some businesses in the state resort to unfair and even illegal practices to further their own particular interests. These practices include putting products of inferior quality on the market, maligning other businesses and using misleading forms of advertising to lure customers into bad deals. To help prevent such practices, the state of Texas enacted the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which was discussed in an earlier post on this blog.

Bank files lawsuit over alleged default by borrower

In order to carry out day-to-day operations or invest in new plant or equipment, a business owner may borrow money from a financial institution. According to the existing federal and Texas laws, the business must repay the loan according to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. However, it is not uncommon for the business that borrowed the money to default on the loan and face legal action from the creditor. Sadly, such situations can cause the business and the business's owner to face major difficulties if the situation is not handled properly.

Texas beverage company sues over soft drink trademark

Trademarks are often key to a business's success and revenue. Litigation sometimes ensues when a business believes their intellectual property is being misappropriated. A recent lawsuit filed by a Texas-based company in federal court in Dallas against a smaller competing business over allegations of infringement of trademark highlights this situation.

Providing strong advocacy for business owners in Houston

Business owners in Texas are prepared to confront new business challenges every day. Business litigation can be a legal challenge entrepreneurs face if there has been a dispute between business partners or businesses that work together. However, businesses can receive assistance in settling legal disputes with the help of an experienced business litigation attorney.

Jury in Texas frees Apple from patent infringement case

Every business in Texas has the right to protect its intellectual property in order to steer clear of unfair competition. Therefore, the state allows its businessmen and entrepreneurs to file a business litigation claim in the event of an intellectual property dispute. In 2012, a Canadian-based patent licensing firm sued Apple Inc. for allegedly using its patents in iPhones and iPads without its consent. However, recently, a federal jury in Texas has announced that Apple did not infringe on any patents owned by the firm.

We help protect businesses' intellectual property rights

Establishing a business anywhere in the United States, including in Texas, requires that a person or company fulfill various legal requirements and then engage legal guidance to protect its ongoing interests.

Congress addresses patent trolls

Intellectual property disputes are one of the most fought cases in Texas corporate and business law sectors. Many companies in the state have unique products that may have received patents. In some cases, other competitors may violate the patent rights of the former company in order to make a profit.

Texas business litigators offer help

Texas commercial disputes that arise during the course of business transactions can be a big problem if large amounts of money are involved, which is often the case with contracts between companies and between individuals and companies. Frequently, these matters become the subject of legal disputes and are governed by the rules of business litigation. Such litigation covers everything from contract disputes with employees or clients to tenancy issues.

Texas Attorney General and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Business owners often come across the mention of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act while operating their day to day business. The DTPA deals with false claims that many businesses make in order to further their business interests. The false claims can include supplying used products and claiming them to be new, making false accusations against a competing business, untrue or misleading advertisements and more.

How to settle a small business dispute

To a small business owner in Texas, a business dispute can lead to massive costs. Every small business proprietor would agree that cost control is crucial for a business to be successful. Business litigation can take place between the owner and their suppliers, subcontractors, customers or other parties related to the business, entailing heavy costs if not dealt with appropriately. To thwart such ungainly circumstances from arising, there is a solution the small claims court has to offer.

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