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April 2015 Archives

Texas company files lawsuit over two-year-old contract dispute

Business owners in Houston, Texas, are aware that mediation and arbitration are often the more effective ways to settle a contract dispute. However, certain contract disputes demand that the case be litigated because of the irreparable damage that the dispute caused the two parties involved. A recent lawsuit filed in a Texas court by a chemical manufacturing company against another chemical company from Michigan centers around a manufacturing dispute began in 2013.

Providing strong advocacy for business owners in Houston

Business owners in Texas are prepared to confront new business challenges every day. Business litigation can be a legal challenge entrepreneurs face if there has been a dispute between business partners or businesses that work together. However, businesses can receive assistance in settling legal disputes with the help of an experienced business litigation attorney.

How strategic thinking can help business people forecast growth

Most entrepreneurs have some vision of what they want to accomplish when they set up new businesses. To realize these visions, they must learn to think strategically and solve problems effectively. Both skills can help them see the way toward their long-term goals and manage the resources that will move their businesses forward.

Five ways to merge small businesses in Texas

Small businesses mergers in Texas are becoming more common business practices. Typically a company seeks a merger to gain access to new markets and to strengthen existing market position. Five common types of company mergers exist: product extension merger, vertical merger, market extension merger and conglomerate merger.

How crowdfunding can help Texas startups

Business owners everywhere, including in Texas, know that the toughest days for most businesses are in the first year. During this period, owners must successfully complete critical tasks that will set the pillars on which future successes will be built. Meeting legal requirements, formulating a business plan and acquiring required capital are three tough but essential tasks that are essential to success.

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