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March 2015 Archives

Jury in Texas frees Apple from patent infringement case

Every business in Texas has the right to protect its intellectual property in order to steer clear of unfair competition. Therefore, the state allows its businessmen and entrepreneurs to file a business litigation claim in the event of an intellectual property dispute. In 2012, a Canadian-based patent licensing firm sued Apple Inc. for allegedly using its patents in iPhones and iPads without its consent. However, recently, a federal jury in Texas has announced that Apple did not infringe on any patents owned by the firm.

Business development programs for entrepreneurs in Houston

The city of Houston, Texas, offers several business development programs. The Bonding Education Program is one such program, which was initiated to help contractors improve their work capacity. The participants are offering various tips and tricks as to the best practices of the industry.

Texas landlord-tenant agreements help evade contract disputes

Business owners in Houston, Texas, know that for a new or expanding business, leasing a commercial space is a most cost-intensive task because contract disputes between landlords and tenants can have detrimental effects on a business's prospects. Therefore, it is important for business owners to have a foolproof landlord-tenant agreement, so that future disputes arising from tenancy agreements can be avoided.

Have you prepared a business exit plan for exigencies?

Business families of Houston, Harris, Texas often make plans for their businesses to expand and earn higher profits. They may have dreams such as going public, selling their businesses to the highest bidder, or preparing and training the next generation to take over the family business.

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