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October 2014 Archives

What are the benefits of reverse mergers?

Reverse mergers, often called reverse takeovers, are conducted when private companies, including corporations with headquarters in foreign countries, gain access to U.S. capital markets by merging with a public company based in the U.S. In a reverse merger the private company is acquired by an American public shell corporation.

What are the different types of ADR methods?

Contract disputes refer to any and all disagreements that may arise in a company or partnership as a result of a breach in contract. In this situation, all parties have the right to go to court for resolution of the dispute. However, some methods of alternative dispute resolution are gaining popularity in Texas. Engaging in alternative dispute resolution is usually cheaper and less time-consuming than heading to court.

Texas Attorney General and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Business owners often come across the mention of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act while operating their day to day business. The DTPA deals with false claims that many businesses make in order to further their business interests. The false claims can include supplying used products and claiming them to be new, making false accusations against a competing business, untrue or misleading advertisements and more.

Olive oil is now a favorite with Texas entrepreneurs

Texas is well-known for oil. However, now a different type of oil is setting many entrepreneurs' cash registers rolling. Olive oil. And this is news to many, as the owner of an olive orchard confirms, saying many people are surprised when she says that olive oil is growing in Texas.

Don't let a landlord-tenant dispute harm your business in Houston

Many business owners in Houston operate from rented properties spread across the city. These business owners would likely agree that disputes with the landlord over rent, breach of the lease and other problems are not uncommon. Unfortunately, some of these disputes have the potential to severely affect the prospects of the business that operates out of the disputed property. Property owners are also affected during these disputes.

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