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September 2014 Archives

A brief overview of statutory merger procedures in Texas

One of the many ways a Texas-based business can expand is through the acquisition of smaller, but potentially valuable, businesses. Business mergers and acquisitions are among the options available to entrepreneurs who want to diversify their businesses and move into new market sectors without having to create necessary infrastructure from scratch.

Texas oil company locks horns with Russian competitor

Contracts are the heart of some of the most important deals struck by Texas businesses, whether they be big or small. These legally binding documents are used to outline the terms, conditions, duties, responsibilities and rewards for the parties involved.

Developing a succession plan for a family-owned business

A large number of businesses in Texas are small or family-owned. The success of such a business can depend on the relationships among the owners or family solidarity. Small businesses established through partnerships or family ties can fail if they do not have a well-planned succession strategy in place.

What qualities do you need to be an entrepreneur?

The current state of the country's economy may not be particularly grim, but the rate of job growth can still seem tepid. The present rate of unemployment suggests a stagnating job market for many states, including Texas. Given such a scenario, starting a new business and pursuing your dreams of being an entrepreneur may seem like a viable alternative which can help you gain some control over your finances.

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