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August 2014 Archives

Understanding breach of contract and its possible remedies

In Texas and elsewhere throughout the United States, a contract is a legally binding document creating rights and obligations for parties of the contract. When a party fails to uphold his or her contractual duties, a breach of contract occurs, possibly giving rise to a contract dispute. A contractual breach can take place when a party fails to perform his or her obligations in a timely manner or does not perform according to the terms of the contract or even when there is an omission of performance of the contract.

Dallas-based company acquires five Houston-area golf courses

Many business owners in Houston, Texas, would agree that a merger or acquisition is a common way to expand a business. When a business merges with another business or acquires another company, that business is able to diversify its offerings and, as a result, it can enjoy exciting growth. However, mergers and acquisitions offer a unique set of challenges and, therefore, addressing the issues effectively becomes extremely important.

How to settle a small business dispute

To a small business owner in Texas, a business dispute can lead to massive costs. Every small business proprietor would agree that cost control is crucial for a business to be successful. Business litigation can take place between the owner and their suppliers, subcontractors, customers or other parties related to the business, entailing heavy costs if not dealt with appropriately. To thwart such ungainly circumstances from arising, there is a solution the small claims court has to offer.

Texas introduces new program to encourage veteran entrepreneurs

The Armed Forces of the United States have found continued engagements throughout the world since World War II. From Vietnam to Iraq, military men and women have served the country with their bravery and loyalty and with their ceaseless commitment to the ideal of democracy by making great personal sacrifices. Texas has had its fair share of military veterans and a recent government program aims to give back to state veterans by helping them become new business owners.

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