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Texas student entrepreneurs present ideas investors

Many young men and women in the Houston, Texas, area dream of becoming entrepreneurs. Some of them have been able to turn their dreams into reality and are now running a business successfully. However, there are many others who are in the process of setting up a new business and hope to be successful in the near future. One of the major aspects that such entrepreneurs need is financial backing that would provide them with a launch pad to turn business concepts into a revenue generating enterprise.

In a recent event in Texas, student entrepreneurs from the Texas A&M University got a chance to present their business ideas to a group of five investors. The event was called Shark Frenzy Investor Day. In addition to the investors, three university students would address the aspiring entrepreneurs, and share their story of how they received funding of half a million dollars for their startup technology company, called Gazoo.

Houston-based, family-owned food distribution business sold

There are numerous businesses in Houston, Texas that are owned by families. Some of them have been around for decades and have stood the test of time, all the while thriving in their area of expertise. Some family-owned businesses have grown over time and turned into multi-million dollar corporations and have only been able to do so because of the quality of their products or their services. This excellence has often led larger corporations to acquire such a flourishing company in a business transaction in order to increase their footprint in a potential market.

Recently, a Houston-based, family-owned food distribution business was sold to a Michigan-based company. According to reports, Glazier Foods Company, the 77-year-old business from Houston, Texas, was sold for an undisclosed sum to Gordon Food Service, which itself is a 117-year-old, family-owned business from Michigan. Reports indicate that the main reason for the acquisition is Gordon Food Service's attempt at increasing its footprint in the Southwest.

Texas financial company undergoes friendly acquisition

Texas, Hilltop Holdings, a parent company of the Plains Capital Bank, has announced that it will acquire the shares of the SWS Group. The deal has been sealed at a value of about $260 million. It was a friendly acquisition and took place in the presence of officials from both companies. Hilltop will acquire the shares of SWS for a value of $7.88 per share. The boards of directors of both the companies have approved the proposal. The deal, however, still requires the approval of some of the regulators and SWS shareholders.

Hilltop is the major shareholder of the SWS Group and holds an important position among the board of directors. The SWS group will get a combination of stock and cash for the deal. SWS shareholders will receive $1.94 and 0.2496 shares for each share of Hilltop common stock. SWS formed an independent committee in February to estimate the buyout bid.

Political comments by musician lead to contract dispute

Generally, contracts are regarded as binding agreements between two or more parties that specify terms, conditions and expected outcomes for each party. A contract dispute is a common type of business litigation. Someone alleged to be in breach of contract can be determined to be liable and responsible for any damages caused to the other party. The party whose trust was breached may have the right to ask for compensation.

One recent contract controversy is raising questions about when and why a contract can be cancelled. City officials in Longview have decided to pay musician Ted Nugent to cancel a scheduled July performance date.

Jumpstart Our Business Startups - JOBS Act of 2012

Jumpstart Our Business Startups - JOBS Act of 2012

Every day on the Internet businesses and not just products are bought and sold. On Craigslist for instance, it is possible to buy retail businesses with hundreds of thousands of dollars trading hands. Yet as large as these type of transaction are, they are governed by a fraction of the rules for a $500.00 investment in a publically-traded company.

U.S. company acquires Irish drug giant to cut tax burden

Expanding a business and earning higher profits are the usual reasons companies buy and sell other companies. In Texas, like elsewhere in the country, mergers and acquisitions require strategic planning in order to produce companies that are leaner and have more flexibility in moving forward with their business plans.

Recently, Horizon Pharma Inc. announced that it would buy the privately held Vidara Therapeutics International Ltd. of Dublin through a reverse merger involving stock and cash amounting to around $660 million. Industry analysts say the business acquisition makes Horizon only the latest American company to seek an advantage from Ireland's lower corporate tax rates.

Number of young entrepreneurs said to be on the rise

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and growing a business. Typically, business formation means developing a business concept from an idea and then finding ways to fund a startup through investments.

As it turns out, the market for young entrepreneurs is booming across the country, including in Texas. No matter where an entrepreneur sets up shop, he or she needs to be hardworking, disciplined and focused as the process of strategic planning begins.

How did it used to be before Crowdfunding ?

Up until recently, the world of investing in private companies has only been available to the top 1% of the U.S. population. However, once the JOBS Act is fully implemented, equity crowdfunding will allow non-accredited investors to invest in private offerings as well and have the opportunity to get in early on what could be the next Google or Twitter.

Banking giant settles business dispute for $400 million

Business owners in Texas or any other region in the country should make it a priority to protect and safeguard their business assets. If they get caught breaching a contract or in a business dispute, they could potentially be liable for the damages caused to the other party. On the other hand, if a customer has breached a business owner's trust, the business owner has the right to seek any form of benefits or relief they are entitled to.

Recently, world-known banking giant JPMorgan Chase has agreed to settle litigation regarding mortgage-backed securities -- to the tune of $400 million. The lawsuit was initially filed by Syncora Guarantee. According to reports, Syncora has agreed to drop the case against JPMorgan in exchange of a payment of $400 million. Syncora has reportedly accused JPMorgan of misinterpreting the quality of mortgage assets linked to the securities, which JPMorgan acquired in 2008 amid the financial crunch. The securities that were sold to Syncora originated from Bear Stearns.

Who will Crowdfunding disrupt first?

What groups will be disrupted? Clayton Christensen, best selling author and professor of business, defines the concept of "disruptive" innovation as one that expands participation in a market by lowering the cost to participate in that market.

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